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These established and successful programs utilizing TNR and full-management programs have informative websites.

Neighborhood Cats is an established and respected TNR organization. With the support of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, they have grown from 3 cat feeders to a corps of top-notch humane trappers offering TNR services. They are responsible for having led a movement that has resulted in the TNR of thousands of cats and ensured that NYC's feral population be included in the city's move toward no-kill policies.

Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies, was the first major organization in the United States to advocate for feral cats and promote Trap-Neuter-Return. Based in Washington, D.C., they remain a leader in the field, appearing at conferences nationwide. Currently, their focus is educating animal welfare professionals on the advantages of TNR. On their website, they maintain a virtual library of fact sheets which cover almost every aspect of feral cat care.


Wild About Cats!
www.wild about

is a campaign to promote an understanding of the feral cat's * nature, origins, history, social structure, and niche in our society and environment. Wild About Cats! will present unvarnished facts about feral cats and successful methods for humans both to interact with them and to reduce their numbers.

PETS 911
believes that if you consolidate all the adoption, fostering, lost and found, volunteer, shelter/clinic, and health and training information out there and give the public a single and easy place to find this information, education will substantially increase and euthanasia will decrease.